Cambridge C1 - Reading and use of english

Task description

1 hour and 30 minutes


Practice material for the reading exam.

for teachers and students

*Use of English: Prefixes*Use of English: Prefixes 2*Use of English: Prefixes 3*Idioms*Proverbs*Vocabulary Match Up*Vocabulary Phrases with time*Vocabulary: Revision (long)*Adjectives*Adjectives: Describing people

for students

Vocabulary Game: Phrasal VerbsCollocationsinteractive video: Active/Passive (Dreams - TED ED)*interactive video: sentence transformation (Interview)

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Vocabulary list
have difficulty / trouble with sg: to have problems while doing something
jammed adj.: stuck because something inside prevents movement
apparently adv.: seemingly; used to describe something that appears to be true based on what is known
show up v.: to appear
out of the blue (idiom): without warning: in a surprising or unexpected way
respond v.: answer; to do something as a reaction to something that has happened or been done
response n.: reaction
grunt n.: a short, low sound from the throat, e.g. "the grunt of a pig"
elaborate (on) v.: to give more details about something : to discuss something more fully
clarify v.: to explain, to make something clear
a plethora of: a very large amount or number : an amount that is much greater than what is necessary
be flooded with v.: to receive a very large amount of things at the same time
mature adj.: 1. not young: middle-aged or older, 2. having or showing the mental and emotional qualities of an adult
prematurely adv.: happening too soon or earlier than usual
blindfold v.: to cover the eyes of (a person) with a piece of cloth
be supposed to do sg: to be expected to do something; used to say what someone is allowed to do — followed by to + verb, e.g. "We were not supposed to leave the room."
Hold that thought! (expression): an expression used to tell someone to remember what has just been said and then continue discussing it or thinking about it later
put off (phrasal verb): to keep for later, postpone
inspect closely v.: to examine something in great detail
scrutiny n.: the act of carefully examining something especially in a critical way
scrutinize v.: to examine (something) carefully especially in a critical way
have no choice but to do sg: to have no other options than to do something
resemble v.: look like, be similar to something
bear resemblance to sg: look like, be similar to something
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