Cambridge C1 - speaking

Task description

15 minutes


Practice material for the speaking exam.

*Ice breaker*Free speaking: 30 sec*Speaking - warm up*Speaking - warm up 2*Speaking - warm up 3*Speaking - part 3: discussion phrases*interactive video: discussion (ethical dilemma of driverless cars)Speaking - part 2 (introduction)Speaking part 3: discussion phrasesSpeaking: idiomsSpeaking: proverbsvideo explanation: how to describe a picture (English - short)video explanation: how to describe a picture (English - long)
Speaking: Speak about something for 30 seconds. Work with a partner and answer the questions. "Talk about ..."​ Übung in neuem Fenster öffnen.

Vocabulary list
predetermined: decided or arranged at an earlier time
particulars: details or information about a person or an event
factor sth in: to include something when you are doing a calculation
novel: new and original
discriminate: to treat a person or particular group of people differently, especially in a worse way from the way in which you treat other people
penalize: to cause someone a disadvantage
swerve: to turn suddenly
murky: used to describe an unclear and complicated situation
tempting: having an appeal
malice: the wish to harm or upset other people
middle ground: An intermediate position or area of compromise or possible agreement between two opposing views or groups
deliberate: on purpose
boxed in: If someone or something is boxed in, he, she, or it cannot move, because of other people or things that are too close

Übung in neuem Fenster öffnen.
Sort the phrases into the right category.​ Übung in neuem Fenster öffnen.
Do you know the correct idiom?​Übung in neuem Fenster öffnen.
Do you know the correct proverb?Übung in neuem Fenster öffnen.
*Diese Übungen können gut als "Speaking exercises" im Klassenzimmer angewendet werden.
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