4. Klasse - Unit 7

Topics: Australia, present simple for future, want someone to do something

Map of AustraliaAustraliaAustralia 2Australia 3Great Barrier Reefwant someone to do somethingAustralia (Introduction)Best jobs in Australia (Listening)Future tenses (easy)Future tenses (difficult)!

Simple prediction: There will be snow in many areas tomorrow.
Arrangements: I'm meeting Jim at the airport.
Plans and intentions: We're going to spend the summer abroad.
Time-tabled events: The plane takes off at 3 a.m.
Prediction based on present evidence: I think it's going to rain!
Willingness: We'll give you a lift to the cinema.
An action in progress in the future: This time next week I'll be sun-bathing.
An action or event that is a matter of routine: You'll be seeing John in the office tomorrow, won't you?
Obligation: You are to travel directly to London.
An action or event that will take place immediately or very soon: The train is about to leave.
Projecting ourselves into the future and looking back at a completed action: A month from now he will have finished all his exams.

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Animated video: History of Australia

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