Englisch 1. Klasse

1. Klasse - digitales Zusatzmaterial

Hier findest du digitales Zusatzmaterial für die 1. Klasse Englisch. Die Units orientieren sich am More! 1 Buch.

Unit 1

numbers, plural forms, alphabet

Unit 2

colours, school things, imperative

Unit 3

animals, to be, there is/are, prepositions

Unit 4

pirates, body parts, irregular plural, have got/haven't got

Unit 5

feelings, days, to be (negative, questions)

Unit 6

can, possessive pronouns

Unit 7

present simple tense, adverbs of frequency

Unit 8

present simple negative, food, article a/an

Unit 9

present simple questions, clothes

Unit 10

pets, question words, object pronoun, possessive 's

Unit 11

money, numbers 1-1000, this/that

Unit 12


Unit 13

present continuous, activities

Unit 14

ordinal numbers, time prepositions (in, on, at), be going to

Unit 15

rooms in the house, past simple (was - were)

Unit 16

past simple (regular verbs), adventure

Unit 17

television, linking words (and, but, because), past simple (irregular verbs)

Unit 18

books, kinds of stories, past simple (negation - didn't)

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