Englisch 2. Klasse

2. Klasse - digitales Zusatzmaterial

Hier findest du digitales Zusatzmaterial für die 2. Klasse Englisch. Die Units orientieren sich am More! 2 Buch.
(In jeder Unit findest du Vokabelübungen zum Thema)

Unit 1

School subjects, talking about your day, present simple, past simple

Unit 2

past simple negation, past simple questions, irregular verbs​

Unit 3

why - because, one/ones, giving reasons

Unit 4

Halloween, should - shouldn't, ending to a story

Unit 5

adjectives, comparatives, as ... as, superlatives

Unit 6

giving directions, buildings, prepositions of place

Unit 7

describing a picture, places, have to - don't have to

Unit 8

intentions, going to (negative)

Unit 9

science fiction, past simple (revision), past time markers

Unit 10

food, ordering food, some - any

Unit 11

completing a story, Ancient Egypt, irregular plurals, questions with "Who ...?"

Unit 12

family, activities, like (doing), mustn't

Unit 13

adverbs of manner, acting out a sketch

Unit 14

inside a room, whose...? , Possessive 's, Possessive pronouns

Unit 15

aches and pains, present perfect, past participle

Unit 16

weather, will-future

Unit 17

sports, present perfect with already and yet / ever and never, questions with "Have you ever ...?"

Unit 18

looking after your pet, So do/have I, Neither do/have I

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