Englisch 3. Klasse

3. Klasse - digitales Zusatzmaterial

Hier findest du digitales Zusatzmaterial für die 3. Klasse Englisch. Die Units orientieren sich am More! 3 Buch.

Unit 1

giving an opinion, talking about music, musical styles, present simple (revision), past simple (revision)

Unit 2

Past continuous, talking about past activites, finding coincidences

Unit 3

Travelling, grammar: when, before, after, while, during, until, by the time / take time to

Unit 4

adjectives describing animals, comparatives, superlatives, as ... as​

Unit 5

relative pronouns, London

Unit 6

superstitions, first conditional, unless

Unit 7

relationships, friendship, present perfect with for and since

Unit 8

inventions, past simple and present perfect, Nikola Tesla

Unit 9

permissions, be allowed to, let, teen activities

Unit 10

ability and permission, discussing problems

Unit 11

California, present perfect continuous

Unit 12

Survival, natural disasters, passive (present and past)

Unit 13

Dilemmas, Second conditional (if-sentences)

Unit 14

be going to (revision), holiday plans

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