Englisch 4. Klasse

4. Klasse - digitales Zusatzmaterial

Hier findest du digitales Zusatzmaterial für die 4. Klasse Englisch. Die Units orientieren sich am More! 4 Buch.

Unit 1

Ireland, expressing surprise and interest, past continuous (revision)

Unit 2

crime, past perfect

Unit 3

New York, reported speech

Unit 4

professions, work life, questions in reported speech, job interview

Unit 5

food, eating habits, past perfect (revision), past perfct with just / after, connecting ideas

Unit 6

making a difference, adverbs of manner (revision), question tags

Unit 7

Australia, present simple for future, want someone to do something

Unit 8

collectors, present perfect vs past simple (revision), time expressions

Unit 9

body talk, weddings, might, may, could (possibility)

Unit 10

fair world, feelings, Conditional 1 and 2 (revision), Conditional 3

Unit 11

books, types of books, reflexive pronouns

Unit 12

space, phrasal verbs

Unit 13

holiday plans, prefixes, suffixes
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